Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The Last Rangers #1 by Jake Davis

Remember when you were a kid and thought it would be a good idea to mix all of the pops at the soda fountain?

The Last Rangers by Jake Davis is a sci-fi/ western/ men's adventure/ post apocalyptical/ with a dash of juvenile delinquent and a superhero pulp star from 1992. And just like that muddy mix of carbonated syrup it's a bit of a letdown.

The book starts off with a couple quotes. One being: “Texas: the last best hope of the USA.” Credited to J.D.

So just as a little teaser of the flavor of this book the author has quoted himself. Or at least that’s what it looks like to me.

It’s the far-off future of 2035. The world is in disarray and global warming has made living difficult. Right off I found it refreshing and a little backward in the world of vintage fiction. Usually, you find ideals and attitudes that are an antiquated bummer to say the least. Here we have a book targeted to, I’m assuming, fans of the right wing of politics and global warming is right there in the plot as a real thing. Don’t you miss a time when everything possible wasn’t politicized?


Two local lawmen are in their underground cop bunker surveilling their jurisdiction. A floating barge with a cage full of prisoners’ floats in. One of the cops puts on his outside global warming suit to go check it out, shit hits the fan, we get chapters of back story of how each prisoner ended up in the cage.

By the fourth back story I was like, are you kidding me? Is that all this book is going to be? Chapter after chapter of how these guys were captured. Each one was a Mad Maxish meets the west scenario (or at least that part in Young Guns 2 where they round up the remaining Regulators) which in hindsight seems like a cool idea but so much attention was given to each bad guy that you wonder if you’re supposed to remember each one. Like, are these guys coming back and I’m going to have to remember the twenty characters and their personalities and backgrounds?

Spoiler alert.

No, none of it matters. But it goes on and on. I get that it was supposed to set up how bad-ass the Ranger is but holy shit there must have been a better way to do that. Maybe just one example? Way too repetitive. Not to mention there is all this sci-fi futuristic weaponry and technology that is explained in working detail that really grinded the stories down.

Around this time, I almost quit. Then the narrative switched completely to a working gal taking her John out to the edge of town to get down to business. Also going on in the same town, a juvenile delinquent gang has scored a huge amount of a drug that makes you a psychotic killing machine. The two meet, slaughter and chase ensue. An autonomous free thinking cop tank arrives, saves the lady and fights the army of wacked out kids. This part was actually good. Now that I’m thinking back on it, this should have been the beginning of the book. It introduces the Ranger, his plans, it has a short backstory that explains the plot, it was fast paced, fun, ultra-violent, organized chaos.

It does peter out from there though. This would have been a great short story and maybe that’s what it started as. The middle has a definite beginning, middle and end. Then it feels like the author tacked on an unnecessary beginning and ending to pad it out to novel length.

The violence, gore and overuse of made-up technology really reminded me of Mutants Amok by Mark Grant. That series came out the previous year and was probably an influence on the Last Rangers. But that’s just a guess. The world created in The Last Rangers is one of complete Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s rape and murder where almost everything is legal and exploited. There is a sentence in this book describing the town that I think sums up the entire book pretty well…

“Glitter Gulch was the heart of the Vice District, a gaudy neon-lit strip jammed with casinos, bars, drug dens, brothels, black medicine clinics, laser print tattoo parlors, sexareanas, bootleg software vendors, pornatoriums, pawn shops, torture palaces, pedo parks, illegal arms dealers, stolen goods bazzaars, flophouses, hot sheet hotels, and other less mainstream attractions.”

Berkely Books 1992

Friday, February 16, 2024

Book Haul - January 2024

The year of the cut back has begun. I thought it would be a bummer going into the store and not walking out with stacks, but it was actually kind of fun to be more selective. Added bonus; because there wasn’t a hundred books to scan I could take the time and do the scans one by one so they’ll be bigger on the blog.

Don't feel like reading? Watch the video!

First up is something that is rare for me; I ordered a book off of Ebay. I usually don’t order books online. The thrill of the hunt is all part of the fun and googling the book you want and never leaving your house just doesn’t do it for me. BUT it’s been about five years of vintage book collecting and I have yet to come across a boxing novel “out in the wild”. I absolutely love boxing and decided the time was now for Hot Leather. Looks to be tough brawling fun.

Made a quick stop to the Antique Mall and found this Fawcett Gold Medal- One for Sleep by Frank Bonham. A parole officer and a cheating wife. What could go wrong?

We couldn’t miss our monthly stop at Half Priced Books. Grabbed this Mickey Spillane on the cheap. I haven’t read any in a couple years and would like to knock a couple of this year.

Appointment with Fear looked to be some salacious murder noir.

Haunted Planet is a youth horror book. It was only $2 and I liked the cover.

The Fabulous Clipjoint by Frederic Brown. I thought it might be a prohibition era noir but I think it’s a cop hunting down a killer.

A non-Bond Ian Fleming- The Diamond Smugglers

Next, we made a stop at the Bookery in Fairborn where I grabbed an Allan Quartermain novel. I’ve always wanted to watch one of these movies, but they have never been available streaming anywhere. I mean, for free. I’m cheap!

Got this beat up but excellent Lion Books, Trouble Follows Me by Kenneth Millar

Slow Burn by Jack Ehrlich is another Parole Officer in a scandalous situation.

Espionage suspense. The Ascent of D-13 by Andrew Garve.

Classic looking Fawcett Gold Medal by Bruno Fischer, Murder in the Raw.

And lastly I picked up a cover buy. I know, I know, if you’re probably not going to read it, why buy it? Because look at that thing! It’s a work of art. I believe it’s a historical fiction reprinted in paperback form to make it look more sleazy but is probably really dry. Either way, couldn’t pass it up.

Dropped by one of my favorite local stores, Bell Book & Comic twice this month and grabbed the last of the Black Lizard books they had.

I was also in the mood for some more Star Trek after that last book I read. I believe these are the first Star Trek books after the original series. Man did they drop the ball in the art department after the first one.

Got this ERB War Chief. Native American western.

60’s spy with Hardy. Actually, maybe it’s from the 70’s from the look of his suit.

Foxx! Is a private detective western. A little genre crossover.

The one and only real horror novel this month, Satan’s Child by Peter Saxon. I love the DeadWorld looking art.

Adventure on planes with Prison at Obregon by Bill Adkins.

And lastly, we got this old issue of Creepy with excellent satanic cover art.

To wrap up the month I got a box for review from Bob Deis from I can’t believe I got sent a review submission. Bob ( and Wyatt (New Texture) sure know how to make a fella feel proud. Thanks so much guys!

The Naked and the Deadly is a collection of Lawrence Block’s fiction that was originally published in Men’s Adventure Magazines (MAMS as they say).

I got two issues of the Men’s Adventure Quarterly magazines including the latest issue which is Croc Attack.

For the Men’s Adventure Library series they sent me this biography/art book about Eva Lynd. Model for MAM covers and muse for the artists of paperback novels.

I also got the bikersploitation collection Barbarians on Bikes. Hilarious!

And finally the Art of Ron Lesser Vol 1 art book. Stunning painted images of paperback covers and the back story behind them. This thing is gorgeous!

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Atomic Werewolves and Man-Eating Plants!

Robert Deis and Wyatt Doyle are back with the next installment of the Men’s Adventure Library Journal, Atomic Werewolves and Man-Eating Plants. This go around they’ve collected the best in “weird” fiction from Men’s Adventure Magazines from the 50s to the 70s. They even slip us through the loophole with some pulp reprints from the mags including heavy hitters like, MANLY Wade Wellman, HP Lovecraft, Gardner F Fox, Theodore Sturgeon and others.

The layout is superb with high resolution full color scans of the front covers of the MAMS. We get a quick snippet into the history of Weird Tales pulp magazine, the inspiration for this collection, written by Mike Chomko, one of the creators of PULPFEST. Following that a piece about the transition from pulps to MAMS by Stefan Dziemianowicz. And lastly a commentary about each story from Robert Deis and Wyatt Doyle. (Which is obviously my inspiration for how I recorded the video review). I’m not usually a “foreword” reader. I always read the collection first and then if I really liked it, I’ll go back and read the forward. This time I actually read the foreword first and am glad I did. It was nice to have the context and the history. I especially enjoyed the history of Weird Tales. Maybe it’s common knowledge but this was the first time I read anything about it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The selection of stories varied from genre to genre on a roller coaster ride of quality. The names you know and love already, hit it out of the park. There was lots of schlocky fun too. And maybe a couple stinkers? But to be honest even when I didn’t enjoy the story it was an appropriate inclusion in that it gave you more of an understanding of the output of MAMS and as someone who is obsessed with era atmosphere on this it delivered.

I love all of the output from Men’s Adventure Library/ and this is no exception. Highly recommended.

Before you click on that video flip-through/ review below wherein I go through each story and give a very short review and rating I’d like to leave you with quite possibly the most MAM appropriate and unintentionally hilariously line I think I’ve ever read…

“Her proud breasts heaved defiance in the face of her tormentors.”


Goeffrey Costain from Stone Age Lust- Today

Where to order:

Sunday, February 4, 2024

Dragon Rising by Wade Barker

First off, Wade Barker’s real name is Ric Meyers.

The Ninja Master series went through many reiterations.

Ninja Master 1981-1983 (Books 1-8)

Year of the Ninja Master 1985-1986 (Books 1-4)

War of the Ninja Master 1988 (Books 1-4)

Dragon Rising is the first in the Year of the Ninja Master series but oddly there is no mention anywhere in or on the book that lets you know; hey this is a Ninja Master series book. It even looks completely different. The first series were total men’s adventure style painted ass kicking artwork. The four in this series are sparse with a white background, a clipart ninja, the Japanese red circle and Kanji writing that I hope says Dragon Rising. I found a website called Japandict where you can search Kanji characters by drawing them or translate words into Kanji, but nothing is showing up for the characters in the circle. I have to say, even though the cover is technically boring, it does draw my attention. It’s one of those things where if someone described it to you, you’d be like, meh but then you see it and are all, that’s intriguing in its nothingness.

The book starts with white guy ninja, Brett Wallace doing two finger pushups over a home-made bed of knives. Perfect introduction. His ninja protégé, Jeff Archer watches on and worries that his master has lost his mind. There are two others in their little American Ninja group, a Japanese lady who used to date Brett Wallace and a stocky older Japanese Ninja guy. There have been orders from the League of Ninjas (not what it’s actually called but I don’t remember the real name) that Brett Wallace is cracking up and needs to be exterminated before he gets put into a position where he divulges Ninja secrets. Sort of like the mafia.

There is a bunch of Ninja-lore background. Apparently, Ninjas were criminals and assassins lacking the honor of the Samurai. It was all very interesting if it was true.

Brett Wallace goes undercover at a gas station so he can assassinate a mafia guy. It’s hilarious. He sharpens a credit card and uses it as a throwing star. After the assassination he runs through the sewers and streets to escape. He happens upon a pedophile about to do his pedo-thing on a little girl. You know, just something you run into every day. He slays the guy, obviously. It’s really random and just stuck in there for fun I guess.

This is the first Ninja Master book I’ve ever read so my impression at this point is, holy fuck this is bonkers amazing. It’s like the limitlessness of a sci-fi book where anything can happen with no explanation but instead of wacky creatures on a strange planet you have a ninja happening upon a pedophilic act while running from a mafia assassination.

Unfortunately, here it turns into close quarter battles with off-the-hinges Ninja Master, Brett Wallace and his crew of Ninjas. The two Japanese ninjas are ordered to take him out. Protégé ninja, Jeff Archer refuses to do so but is forced into hand-to-hand combat with his sensei. The four continuously fight in long detailed battle scenes. It was cool at first but got really monotonous quick. Jeff Archer gets a needle in him that has a poison that puts him in a coma for months.

He wakes up and the doctors tell him he has a terminal disease called, Hunter’s Chorea. He will have seizers and poo himself constantly. And boy howdy does he. It’s pants poopin mania. While in the hospital the two Japanese ninjas from his former crew show up to exterminate him. He poops himself and escapes.

The second act is a completely different book. Jeff Archer is headed to South America to hunt down Brett Wallace. He runs into gangsters, local criminals, poops himself on a bus, joins up with college drug runner sailors, fights some ninjas, more pooping and lands in El Salvadore where he is captured by guerillas.

The last act is a war jungle trek through the mountains of El Salvadore with some US mercenaries and big surprise the Ninja Master himself, Brett Wallace. We lose a lot of the Ninja in this part and trade it in for some big gun artillery and jungle warfare. But don’t worry because it ends with an over-the-top villainous crew and some supernatural shit from Cornville. The story is all tied up like last year’s Christmas lights hastily thrown into a box. It’s a wonderful ridiculous mess.

I loved this book so God Damn much. It was dumb. It was filled with cheap violence. Tons and tons of descriptive fight scenes. Pants pooping. Random unnecessary viciousness. Meandering half assed plots. It’s a work of B-book gold and can stand tall with the oodles of schlocky 70s and 80s ninja movies. More Ninja Master, please.

Warner Books 1985

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Paperback Fanatic #47 Flip Through

Today I wanted to do another video only post. This one is a flip through of issue 47 of the Paperback Fanatic. It's an excellent resource for vintage paperback collecting, authors and artists.

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Devil World by Gordon Eklund

When I first picked this book up I thought it was just a random sci-fi horror novel. I didn’t notice until I got it home that it was actually a Star Trek book. That’s cool though cause I love Star Trek. Especially the original series and that’s exactly what we have here, Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scottie, Sulu and well, that’s all of the usual players for this one. I guess Mr. Chekhov and the lovely Lieutenant Uhura were on vacation.

The crew is on a pleasure planet. Shore leave. Kirk, McCoy and Spock are watching a magic show wherein a magician conjures up some devils. Will this have something to do with the Devil World? Kirk is uncharacteristically spooked by the devils. But oh, what’s this? A super space babe has come to watch the show and directs Kirk’s focus to his nether region. Star ship captain that he is, he approaches her and strikes up a conversation. She is a famous artist. One of Kirk’s favorites actually. What a coincidence!

She’s out in space looking for her missing dad. He was also a ship Captain but he went nuts and deserted and now his whereabouts are unknown. She got some intel from a shady character that her dad is on the planet Heartland. That planet is a quarantine planet, Kirk explains. But don’t worry little lady, we’ll grab my starship and help you go look for your dad.

Before Kirk goes, he checks in with command. Turns out this missing Dad is wanted by the authorities so now Kirk has to go there anyway and arrest this guy.

Back story. The planet is habitable for humans, so the Federation makes a deal with the natives of the planet, a little demon looking people, that a colony of Earthlings can live on Heartland. For some unknown reason everyone on the planet goes nuts or dies and the Federation has to go back and pick them up and marks the place as quarantined.

We land on Heartland. Meet a guy from the original colony. There weren’t supposed to be any survivors but here he is. Eye of the tiger. It’s very much the plot of Forbidden Planet. Colony goes to planet. Dies or goes nuts in this case, sole survivor vehemently warns spaceship crew to leave now.

Kirk can’t leave, he has his duties. Also, he wants to impress this lady by finding her dad. Sole survivor guy is like, oh that guy? He lives over there in the demon people village.

We meet Dad. He’s weird. Aloof. Demon race is scary but pleasant. Hospitable even. OR IS IT ALL A TRAP?!

So yeah, pretty damn enjoyable. An easy read. The plot wasn’t convoluted but there was a mystique going on. There wasn’t a bunch of nonsensical sci-fi talk which is what can drive me crazy in other sci-fi books. It was adventure and mystery with spots of action. Honestly, it reminded me of a classic episode.

Bantam Books 1979

Friday, January 19, 2024

Book haul for December 2023

Last haul of the year! Gonna be honest, we went a little crazy this year so my New Years resolution is going to be to cut back. I doubt it but we’ll see.

(Don't feel like reading? Watch the video!)

First up is the haul from Browse Awhile Books in Tipp City Ohio.

I’ve been dying for some more Butchers and they were delivered with extreme prejudice.

Black Mafia is one I passed up the last two times we went and I finally bit the bullet and forked over the money for it.

The Doomsday Bag is Michael Avalone spy fun and I’m not sure what Shannon #3 the Mindbenders is but it looked appealing.

Rites is a horror novel of the Occult. Final Cut is serial killer thriller with a gay killer…or gay victims? That blurb is worded poorly.

Finally, I grabbed a gothic that takes place on a cruise, Decoy in Diamonds and a book called simply, SCUBA! Because it made me laugh.

The next three books came in the way of a trade from a fellow member of a FB book group. The Thinking Seat looks to be some sci-fi horror post apoloclypse stuff and knocked off a wantlist item with the harder to find Laser Book number 9 written by Aaron Wolfe aka Dean Koontz…not that I care about DK but I was missing this number and because he wrote it people try and get every penny possible.

I was also smitten with this Secret Sea underwater young adult book from the 30s.

These two are from the Antique Mall. Every once in awhile they’ll have something worthwhile that isn’t astronomically overpriced and in terrible condition. Got this noirish war novel, Copperbelt and a paperback version of Wake of the Red Witch which we got in hardcover from our Cleveland trip a few months back.

Speaking of FB book groups, I am in one dedicated to Men’s Adventure and this year I participated for the first time in their secret santa trade, known as Vigilante Santa! So cool! I sent my guy a big ol stack of books and a vintage paperback coffee mug I made. I stupidly didn’t take a picture of it but here is the wrap around artwork that was on it…

My VS sent me an awesome grip of books. My two favorites were this Shamelady and The Scarfaced Killer.

We got two Westerns. The Unforgiven which the based a movie on and The Gunsmith which looks like an adult Western but could just look that way cause it’s from the 80s.

Some apocalypse with Dark December and The Day New York went Dry.

Some more apocalypse (I think) with High Citadel and the movie novelization of Casino.

Crime with this boss 80’s Avon cover of Spilt Images by Elmore Leonard and a Black Lizard Press- Coffin and Co by Njami Simon.

Lastly this very cool UK Fontana photo cover of Hammond Innes Trojan Horse. A sewer adventure.

We stopped by one of our local favorite spots, Bonnetts. It’s been awhile since we’ve been there as their hours aren’t usually in line with our book shopping hours but every once in a while we make the night time trek down there.

Lots of Men’s Adventure to be had! Two Dan J Marlowe Drakes. He is the man with nobody’s face. Whereas I’m the nobody with a man’s face.

Signet Action for all you American Avenger’s out there. A Caribbean Joe Gall with, I’m assuming, flattering portrayals of the natives inside.

Robert Duvall lookalike gracing the cover of this gambling crime novel, Stateline and we’re busting out of Boston with the Assassin #3.

A non-Hawk Dan Streib authored Body Hunters and even more Men’s adventure with THE FORCE #3

Holy smokes cool biker action going on in Dennison’s War. Look at that step back art!

Speaking of cool art look at the design on the letters of Blue Rain. Kudos to that graphic designer. We got into some thriller with this psychological suspense, Evidence of Blood.

The Jove edition of Lawrence Block’s In the Midst of Death…which we already own and read the Avon edition but, I mean, gotta have them all. This Boarding House Blues looked super sleazy jazz to me.

Blood Island is a voodoo thriller and Zachary is a hippie era Men’s Adventure for the tuned in.

Killer is a serial killer thriller, duh and…uh…reflective book with a hatchet on the cover. Hold on, I have to go find it to see what it’s called. Establishment of Innocence. Another SKT.

I always overdo it at Bonnetts and have a huge stack before I remember there is a Western section. This time I was deadest on finding some more Scout books and I’m glad I looked. Also found some other adult westerns with Bolt and Gunn and just a regular western with Sugarfoot!

We couldn’t go a month without making a stop at our local Half Priced Books. Surprisingly there was a couple affordable “Paperbacks From Hell.” Night Brothers= giant cat face. Half Moon Down= giant bird face. Coincidence?? Yeah, probably.

There’s always some cheap crime at HPB. I grabbed this The Reckoning by Aaron Fletcher and at first what I thought was a horror book, Dark Room and to my unpleasant surprise I noticed the comparison to Mary Higgins Clark on the cover. Like I said, top notch attention to detail is how I roll.

Johnny D MacDonald stand alone, April Evil. A very cool Diamonds are Forever cover on this Jove addition. Yeah, I know it’s not as classy as some of the others but I’m low class so this one speaks to me.

Added another Laser, number 26. I picked it up cause it looked horrific. And a really beat up Frank Kane with his wonderfully pun-y Johnny Liddell titles, Trigger Mortis.

And finally, this ultra trashy Beeline sleaze/porn, Lust’s What the Doctor Ordered.

I’ve been having lots of luck at Bell, Book & Comic lately so we also stopped back in this month- twice.

Dishonor looks to be some classic noir. I was very happy to find the very first Kothar for a dollar until I turned it over and saw what looked like bug guts squashed all of the back. Gonna have to do some cleaning on that one.

John Jakes, Brak the Barbarian. Classic sword and sorcery. Andrew J Offutt in with the Lady of the SnowMist. Volume 3 of War of the Gods on Earth. Another thing I didn’t notice until I got home. But that’s ok because his books are a plenty out in the wild and I’m sure I’ll run by the first two sometime.

Rip off the sleeve’s of your shirt and grab a gun cause we got two Men’s Adventure- Endworld #12 and The Savage Stronghold with extra rad Spuds Mackenzie dog and wicked cult guys on the cover.

Sci-fi Western Men’s Adventure Apocalyptic insanity in The Last Rangers #1 by Jake Davis (review coming soon).

I grabbed these two Traveler’s as a I thought it was a sort of Sliders type action series but upon closer look they appear to be basic apocalypse stuff.

Some sci-fi border horror with mad Village of the Damned vibes on the cover of The People: No Different Flesh. Also, found this John D MacDonald sci-fi book. I didn’t know he wrote anything but crime so I couldn’t pass it up just to see what it was like.

Even more post-apocalyptic guys on bikes with the Roadblaster #2. And oh my god I didn’t realize this in the store or even while recording the video version of this haul but this freakin’ kung-fu book is called “The Sweet and Sour Kill.”!!! Hahaha! What?! That’s awesome.

Gold Medal crime by Keith Grantland, Run from the Hunter and a Black Lizard version of David Goodis, Shoot the Piano Player.

I’ve only ever found the Frankenstein Horror Series and didn’t even knew a Dracula one existed so to say I was excited would be an understatement. Out of Darkness is a gothic looking horror.

Bell Book & Comic has a TON of sci-fi. I usually just get the ones that look like horror like Bob Shaw’s Nightwalk but I also grabbed this Con Sellers Mr. Tomorrow after reviewing his spy book A Handful of Death which placed in the worst ten of last year’s reads (see previous post). But while looking into the author he seemed like a pretty amusing and interesting guy that I wanted to check out more of his books.

There was a bunch of HP Lovecraft’s that we didn’t have but they were all a little pricey so we grabbed some of the lower hanging fruit that we didn’t have. Look at that font on The Tomb. It’s hilariously out of place.

I’ve always wanted to read the Robert E Howard Cthulu stories so I was jumping for joy when I found this collection. I’ve heard great things about Ray Bradbury’s October Country and was into the cover so I grabbed this one. If you look closely the wheat is people. IT’S PEOPLLLEEEEE!!!

Another Signet Action Adventure- Resistance- Shadows of Death. Killing fucking Nazis. And the book I’m currently reading at the moment is this mega fun looking The Seth Papers.

Lastly this later era copy of Stir of Echoes by Kolchak writer himself Richard Matheson and a non-fiction book about sharks.

Oh, and we grabbed some magazines too. Splatter Times is an 80’s horror movie fanzine. I grabbed the Scream Queens Illustrated cause of Ms. Monique Gabrielle on the cover. I loved her in Deathstalker 2 and my wife got a 70’s horror mag/comic Nightmare.

And to end the month a special Christmas haul. Funny Christmas story. I was at a work party one year at this screen print shop I worked at. Everyone was just standing around chitty chatting and one of the salespeople seriously asks, “do they celebrate Christmas in Canada?” The room went silent. It was hilarious.

My sister came through with some Ninja Master. I want them all but we’re three books closer.

She also picked me up this reprint of the Phantom Detective.

My Aunt got me The Men’s Adventure Library Journal- Atomic Werewolves and Man Eating Plants. I only gave her one option for a Christmas present and she nailed it.

My parents got me one that’s been on my wantlist for YEARS. John W Cambell- Who Goes There? And obviously other stories. Who Goes There is what they based the movies, The Thing from Another World, Horror Express and The Thing on. The John Carpenter one is pretty damn spot on to the short story. It’s so god damn good! Also, a little coincidental Easter Egg in the original Halloween movie: When Laurie is babysitting Tommy they are watching the original The Thing From Another World which obviously later John Carpenter would go on to direct a sort of remake.

My wife got me this amazing Art of Pulp Fiction giant hardcover art book put out by IDW which features beautiful vintage paperback cover art AND some history of the beginnings of the paperback book and companies.

And finally I got my wife this original Weird Tales pulp with HP Lovecraft’s first publishing of the first part of The Shadow Over Innsmouth. She has wanted one for years. It’s amazing when you think of the history and how this was the first time this story came into the world. The pulp is a little brittle but whatever, it’s like owning an artifact. To us it is anyway. IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!

That’s a wrap for 2023! I started this blog one year ago. Thanks for reading it or at least looking at the pictures. It’s a lot of fun for me even if no one reads it. And if you haven’t, check out the Youtube version. I’m not the best at making videos yet but I feel like it might be getting better. It’s surprising how your brain stops working when you hit that record button.