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Atomic Werewolves and Man-Eating Plants!

Robert Deis and Wyatt Doyle are back with the next installment of the Men’s Adventure Library Journal, Atomic Werewolves and Man-Eating Plants. This go around they’ve collected the best in “weird” fiction from Men’s Adventure Magazines from the 50s to the 70s. They even slip us through the loophole with some pulp reprints from the mags including heavy hitters like, MANLY Wade Wellman, HP Lovecraft, Gardner F Fox, Theodore Sturgeon and others.

The layout is superb with high resolution full color scans of the front covers of the MAMS. We get a quick snippet into the history of Weird Tales pulp magazine, the inspiration for this collection, written by Mike Chomko, one of the creators of PULPFEST. Following that a piece about the transition from pulps to MAMS by Stefan Dziemianowicz. And lastly a commentary about each story from Robert Deis and Wyatt Doyle. (Which is obviously my inspiration for how I recorded the video review). I’m not usually a “foreword” reader. I always read the collection first and then if I really liked it, I’ll go back and read the forward. This time I actually read the foreword first and am glad I did. It was nice to have the context and the history. I especially enjoyed the history of Weird Tales. Maybe it’s common knowledge but this was the first time I read anything about it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The selection of stories varied from genre to genre on a roller coaster ride of quality. The names you know and love already, hit it out of the park. There was lots of schlocky fun too. And maybe a couple stinkers? But to be honest even when I didn’t enjoy the story it was an appropriate inclusion in that it gave you more of an understanding of the output of MAMS and as someone who is obsessed with era atmosphere on this it delivered.

I love all of the output from Men’s Adventure Library/ and this is no exception. Highly recommended.

Before you click on that video flip-through/ review below wherein I go through each story and give a very short review and rating I’d like to leave you with quite possibly the most MAM appropriate and unintentionally hilariously line I think I’ve ever read…

“Her proud breasts heaved defiance in the face of her tormentors.”


Goeffrey Costain from Stone Age Lust- Today

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